Some of the dumbest people I know are the happiest, and some of the most intelligent people are depressed or suicidal. I find the argument that one should prioritize our interpretation of certain psychological traits over others to be morally corrupt and scientifically baseless, considering our understanding of how particular traits manifest in one’s life is limited.

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We will need to consider many different traits and we should not prioritize one so much so that we completely neglect others.

I think the idea that we should create children who live great lives as far from morally corrupt.

The idea that psychological traits are genetically influenced is far from scientifically baseless. Even if we have a “limited” understanding, we should still aim to improve the welfare of future people.

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Unrelated comment to this post:

I am generally doing very well right now. I updated the "am i weak" post to make people know im better

The tldr of it is: ADHD meds has helped a lot, family situation is a lot better, i had way more negative thoughts and feelings then i realized, and CBT didnt help with them all because they were often about "shoulds" and overwhelment, and i felt like CBT added more of those.

Being open about being a furry has also been a huge stress relief. i were worried that i would be shunned by my family or communities if i were openly furry, but that hasnt happened. They think its odd but great that i make more art and do more interesting things.

Also i think i realized that im gay: i had to make a spreadcheet to realize this, lol

(Might be a bit gross to mention) but i think the worst depression i had were triggered by a combination of life pressures/negative self conceptions, and in art school accidently forcing myself into a heterosexual relationship that felt like a sweage pipe for me emotionally, and being more and more open about my sexuality has progressively made my depression better

Most of my life i have felt like any life year was net negative utility wise: I could have good days, but the bad days vastly outnumbered them. It started turning around when i got therapy 6 years ago, but its only the last 3 years that i started FEELING like life is great to live

Might be a random thing to mention, but funnily enough reading Ayn Rands works actually helped my terrible selfconfidence and feeling like i solely existed for other people. I dont buy into objectevism, but the idea that "my expressions and happiness and achievements matter as an important thing in itself" Was something that only started sticking after reading atlas shrugged.

I honestly thing Ayn Rand might have been autistic, and thats its part of why it resonated reading her work, altough i never finished any of here work, lol

uh, that was pretty long! have a nice day regardless.

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You will help humanity better by helping prospective mothers not be fat (obesity during pregnancy, like alcohol consumption, is child abuse), to ensure that they have adequate iodine nutrition (the Japanese eat up to twenty times as much as you do, and they have the highest IQ of any nation, which enables them to have nice things like clean public toilets and trains that run on time), and to do away with vaccination (aluminium adjuvants are neurotoxicity and are turning everyone into retards). Once you’ve done that, maybe your more intelligent descendants can debate the ethics of creating some proto-humans in a test tube and destroying the undesirable ones.

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Parents should really consider the terrible nicknames that their clever names will earn for their kids -- just chop off the last two letters of Titan’s name to figure out the one she’s going to get in early adolescence. Poor kid. Hopefully she lives through it.

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