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Everybody underestimates the average patient. Just read the comments under any normal media piece on the subject. Or look at the study GP did of patient attitudes: https://rucore.libraries.rutgers.edu/rutgers-lib/67610/

It was the same back in the day with IVF.

To make positive media about PGT-P, just 1) interview patients 2) say no to IQ-hating journalists.

This makes me think of a comment by Simone Collins:

> I think the sad thing about this tech is that media framing it in a positive light gets relatively zero attention in comparison to media that frames it as controversial, evil, creepy, elitist, what have you, which inspires PLENTY of attention. For better or for worse, controversy sells in today's markets.

To which I replied the following:

Not true at all.

This is the media piece that got the most attention:


The media piece is largely positive. The comments are largely positive.

This is the media piece that got the second most attention:


The media piece is largely positive. The comments are largely positive.

Framing (positive or negative) isn't what determines the amount of attention.

What determines the amount of attention is the audience size of the person talking about it. The audience mostly just consumes whatever their channel tells them to consume. People are passive and habitual.

So, the way to spread positive news is to get a positive influencer who likes you to talk about you. Rather than invite into your home someone who hates you, such as Julia Black.

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Sentientist just had a baby, I think. I think I know what she would answer on the poll, but did she use PGT-P?

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