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Great post: I especially appreciate the point you make in relation to Ord. It occurs to me that given how frequent spontaneous abortions are--which occur when embryos are flushed from a woman’s body, for reasons that are poorly understood, but probably have to do with a chemical detection of abnormalities--we might infer that nature is already doing PGT-A screening. If so, religious conservatives might hold that PGT is just improving what the body already does. Though IVG will present real problems for anyone who thinks embryos have moral rights.

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I've been thinking about this:

> It is reasonable for a pro-life advocate to prefer genetic testing if IVF is already taking place, but it is understandable if a pro-life advocate dislikes it when it motivates more couples to use IVF.

The problem is indeed this. If this is true, pro-life advocates (like me) should *not* support PGT. Meaning they should argue that it should be illegal so as to prevent people from using IVF.

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