This is all nice and good, but IVF and embryo selection will forever be a niche market unless there is high state intervention. People with IQ of 100 are not reading this article and they don't care much for IVF or embryo selection for high IQ.

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Interesting discussion. I see this is more a long-term discussion since it seems that we do not have a firm grasp on nature vs nurture yet.

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Are you kidding? This has been solved for years, more like decades. It's 70-80% Nature for anything that matters, and Nurture-wise nothing you do as a parent affects anything positively unless you're abusive, in which case you CAN influence traits negatively.

The science on the above two things is multiple twin-study meta-analysis strong. Read Judith Rich Harris' The Nurture Assumption (published 2009!) for the foundational pop-sci look at it.

Here's a variety of important traits and their genetic % attribution:


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