Jonathan Anomaly appears on Razib Khan's podcast. It's gated otherwise, I would cross-post.


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Bentham writes about an attempted cancellation of Nick Bostrom for saying several offensive statements and the N-word. People objected to believing in IQ differences and supporting “eugenics” as well. These are topics readers of my blog are probably familiar with.

I don’t think apologizing will help him much. Bostrom is a decent candidate for “possibly most important person to exist” in moral terms. These attacks on him are rather ridiculous and will be viewed poorly, especially if something bad happens to Bostrom like losing a position or funding.

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>1. How do you feel about a monthly discussion thread on the Parrhesia substack? I will monitor these closely, respond to questions, and encourage discussion.

I think it's a good idea.

> 2. What topics would you like me to write about in 2023?

I have really liked your writing so far. However, I was hoping you would touch the culture war stuff a bit less often. It's really difficult to write something novel in that area. I would be really interested to hear your perspective on important issues you believe are not discussed enough. For example, you wrote a short article about the fertility rate crisis: https://parrhesia.substack.com/p/in-favor-of-underpopulation-worries . I believe this is humanity's biggest challenge, and yet it gets 1/100th of the coverage of the typical culture war issues. An intelligent pro-natalist manifesto from a rationalist angle could be a meaningful contribution to public discourse on the topic.

> 3. Please talk about anything else that interests you (e.g. current events, self-development, psychology, philosophy, etc.). There are no rules yet, but be polite.

Too much to choose from, so I will just share the link to an interesting article I read recently: https://www.palladiummag.com/2021/08/20/the-school-that-built-asia/

PS: you may want to post the discussion thread during the weekend to maximize engagement.

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Hello Parrhesia!

This seems like the appropriate place to contact you. Many things that you've written compel me to write refutations; in the past, out of a sense that I don't want to irritate or undermine you, I've clicked the little X. But I keep finding you all over the place; see for example: https://arjunpanickssery.substack.com/p/just-say-no-to-utilitarianism/comments

I'm willing to engage in a respectful dialogue; if you are unwilling, or suspect that I'm simply obnoxious, feel free to ignore this post, and I'll continue to leave you alone.

Yours Respectfully,

Mr. Apple Pie

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